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Gallifreyan Buccaneer
Gallifreyan Buccaneer

David McAllister, a blogger from the UK who focuses on reviewing Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror novels, just posted a very positive review of Creation Abomination. David has over 2,300 followers on Twitter, so this will help give me great exposure to more Science Fiction junkies!

You can read his review of Creation Abomination by following this link.

Exciting News To Share!

Kirkus Reviews

I just submitted my book to be reviewed by Kirkus Reviews. So who’s Kirkus? I’m glad you asked๐Ÿ™‚

Kirkus Reviewsย has been an industry-trusted source for honest and accessible reviews since 1933and has helped countless authors build credibility in the publishing realm ever since. Their indie reviews are written by qualified professionals, such as librarians, business executives, journalists from national publications, PhDs in religion and literature, creative executivesย in entertainment and publishing industries as well as other professional reviewers. While they don’t guarantee a positive review, they do guarantee that they will provide an honest, independent assessment of my novel, by a third party who is highly respected in the industry.

So, this is the “big leagues” for me! And yes…I am going to be sitting on pins and needles

until I receive the review in hopefully 8 weeks!! I will be sharing my review with everyone when it comes in. Please wish me luck!!ย