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Creation Abomination has received excellent feedback and reviews since it's publication in March of 2018. A small handful of reviews has been included below to give you a good idea of what readers are saying. Of course, you can check out the reviews page on to read all of the reviews for yourself. Enjoy!

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Reviewed By K.J. Simmill for Readers' Favorite

"William Mears is working towards his doctorate at the University of Southern California. But he doesn't want to take the easy road; he wants his thesis to matter, to impact the world, and be complete on presentation. He wants to take it beyond the lab rats to human applications. He wants to encourage the body to heal things that would otherwise be impossible. The applications are limitless, but there's a catch. In order for the treatment to work, embryo stem cells are required from the person needing the treatment. Impossible, unless he creates a clone. There is great interest in his work, from forces he could not even imagine. His project has the potential to change the world, but everything has a cost, and will this one be too high? When one plays God, they must consider all things, including the potential for corruption, and ramifications man cannot even begin to fathom.

With accurate science and a unique plot, you can't help but be pulled into Creation Abomination. I am quite well versed in many areas of science, but even those who have trouble will find it easily accessible, well explained; and whilst central to the plot, the concept is not too overwhelming. There is a great balance to this book, one which is enhanced by Alan W Thompson's well-crafted descriptive style and the attention given to character development throughout the plot's progression. It addresses morals, even the possibility of interference from beyond the earthly plane. This is a book that flows with ease, a fun read that is easy to lose yourself in while boasting an engaging and unique plot. Once you open the pages, be prepared to be pulled into a world with a unique blend of technology, genetic engineering, and the supernatural and divine that will hold you tightly and not let go. A great first installment with a promise for an equally compelling sequel."

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Reviewed By David McAllister - Gallifreyan Buccaneer blog, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror book reviews

"This is a very imaginative sci-fi story filled with convincing characters with an interesting idea at its core. A scientist is trying to develop a way for the human body to repair itself using stem cells. He makes a breakthrough but it becomes clear that an evil malevolent force has a part to play. The story is very believable in the current scientific climate. The involvement of an ancient evil force in proceedings and the way it nudges events throughout the book is actually really terrifying. The characters are realistically drawn and there intentions are not always what they seem. Particularly Don who’s descent is one of the most gripping things about the book.

There’s a second volume to complete the story so there are threads left hanging. I would definitely recommend this book as an exciting quick read. The second volume promises to be the ultimate battle between good and evil. Check it out now over on Amazon before the next volume is released."

Reviewed By Frederick J. Mayer – author, poet, editor, artist, reviewer (Winner of 3 Balrog Awards (nominated for 8)

"In today's crowded field of such near same themes, Creation Abomination enters with a style that holds the experiencer to the expected while then living up to its name/title with especially a twist at the end which lifts the whole book into a Creation Amazing! This material unveils like a multi-petaled fleur du mal, always the reader will find more upon each reading for years to come indeed!”

The SciFi Story you never knew you needed to read! - Gideon Coesens (August 29, 2018)
This book was a phenomenal read. In a world of endless remakes, this story stands out as a fresh thrilling adventure based on the age old conflict of good and evil. The author takes special care to set up each character to be real and relatable. Even the minor characters that show up only for a moment seem to have more to them then what first meets the eye. Suddenly characters you forgot about show their true colors and change the course of the story. The story is flavored with thrilling mystery and shocking twists. Perhaps the most chilling aspect of the book is that there very well could be a Creation Abomination. I can't wait for the second installment.
Great for those who love creepy stories! - Charity Smith (January 19, 2019)
Firstly, I bought Alan W. Thompson's paperback version of Creation Abomination and it's a great quality. Not anything like your standard throw-away-paperbacks. It's actually a quality worth the price!

Creation Abomination starts out slow, but picks up the pace more and more as you continue reading. It reminds me of a movie called the "Stir of Echoes" in which it takes the realistic take on the pace of paranormal happenings. Given too much weirdness too quickly and the main character would have stopped his project. As for the scientific part, some readers may find themselves confused due to the complexity of it, but I feel Alan does a great job compensating with details and an simple understandable language. Which is a feat given how many chemists have great difficulty trying to explain their craft simply. Alan's book is also very clean, which is greatly appreciated! He does however have a few medical descriptions that may scare off the skidish, (But the skidish probably steer clear of creepy stories like this anyway). A romantic interest helps to push the timeline along, and to establish realistic relationships between the characters. Everything that one might find "boring" actually builds an understanding of how much the main character has to sacrifice. I can understand why Alan did what he did and how it all relates to the story as a whole. I can't wait for the second book, as now that the world as a whole has been built, I'm betting it will be extra creepy and packed with action!
Well Written Superb Descriptions Wonderful Plot! A Must Read! - Gina Bengtson (Radio Talkshow Host - The Fox Den, February 28, 2019)
This was the best book I have read in a long time. I was captivated by the scene descriptions, it was like watching a movie while reading! I could not put the book down. The ongoing battle between good and evil, and the line humans should or should not cross is brought forth, and really brings you into the dilemma the characters are facing. Combining the Supernatural is brilliant! I believe this would be a box office hit and should be made into a movie! I am a radio host and read a lot of books from people I interview and this one was very deserving of a review and my high praises. I enjoyed the interview as well as the book and I am very much looking forward to the next additions to the trilogy!

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