Special Edition Posters: 

$20.00 – $40.00


Carried away in a vision, William finds himself in a menacing landscape.
Surrounded by darkness and an oppressive desolation,
he finally comes face-to-face with Moloch…Diabolus…the Personification of Evil.

“War In Heaven”

Angels are fighting Demons, Good against Evil, in the battle for men’s souls. This painting depicts a vision experienced by the main character of the’War In Heaven”. This epic scene is twice the resolution of previous ones allowing for an extreme amount of detail. Which of the characters portrayed is your favorite?

“Meeting The Children”

In this scene, a small child reaches out in a non-threatening manner to touch the hand of one of the characters in Creation Abomination. This seemingly harmless gesture quickly turns for the worse as the true identify of some sort of demonic creature hulking inside of the child’s form is revealed in a horrific vision.

“Unsettling Encounter”

The scene depicted shows one of the main characters in an almost trance-like state when lying in bed. If you look closely at the painting you will see that there is an entity trying to “reach” into our reality. Can you spot it?


This painting graphically reveals a demonic creature being annihilated by a brilliant light emanating outwards from a talisman. If you look closely, you’ll find an image of a personage watching the scene. Can you find it?

“Night of Nights”

Creation Abomination - Night of Nights
This scene depicts the downtown area of Los Angeles as seen from a window of an office building. A man is shown imposing his will upon a woman to look at a tornado of some sort, emanating from the rooftop of a warehouse building. Ominous images can be seen within the swirling clouds of this tempest…


Creation Abomination - Explosion
This painting vividly depicts a massive explosion taking place in chapter one of Creation Abomination. If you look carefully, you can see images of someone, or something, being utterly obliterated in the blast.