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We are THRILLED to announce that the long awaited Audiobook of Creation Abomination is finally available! You can pick up your copy today!

Creating the Audiobook for Creation Abomination was truly of labor of love! It took us 6 months to complete the project from start to finish. Rather than simply narrating the book myself, I enlisted the talents of two college students who are Theater Majors - Amanda Newman & John Gunnerson. Their expertise in storytelling brings Creation Abomination to life, and conveys emotion and terror, humor and excitement, in such a way that this will likely become your favorite Audiobook!

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What They're Saying

Once you open the pages, be prepared to be pulled into a world with a unique blend of technology, genetic engineering, and the supernatural and divine that will hold you tightly and not let go.

- K.J. Simmill, Award Winning UK Author

Creation Abomination enters with a style that holds the experiencer to the expected while then living up to its name/title with especially a twist at the end which lifts the whole book into a Creation Amazing!

- Frederick J. Mayer, author, artist - Winner of 3 Balrog Awards


The involvement of an ancient evil force in the proceedings and the way it nudges events throughout the book is actually really terrifying.

- David McAllister, Gallifreyan Buccaneer Blog



A brilliant research scientist, William Mears, is working on his thesis to receive his doctorate from the University of Southern California. The focus of his dissertation is to discover how to repair injuries to the human body that are considered to be irreparable leveraging adult stem cells. After many failures, he comes to the conclusion that the only way to truly repair these tissues is through the use of embryonic stem cells (ESCs). But these cells can’t come from just any source – they need to be ESCs from the specific individual in need of healing. In other words, William needs to figure out a way to create a human embryonic clone.

While William’s intent is innocent and focused on the betterment of mankind, he has unknowingly opened up the door to a malevolent evil that reveals itself in ever increasing dreadful ways.

Creation Abomination explores human ethical dilemmas in a fast-paced, high-tech story involving ingenious scientists, complex relationships and the battle between good and evil, bringing together realistic scenarios with the supernatural.

Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 on Amazon

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